The Greek signature in jewelry!
GREGIO. A team of Greek gold and silver craftsmen, designers of original, inspirational and trendy jewelry since 1999 - following the family tradition that dates back to the early 70’s.
Its signature accompanies an eclectic mix of authentic jewels in gold, silver and selected gems. All are pieces of art meeting the demands of modern women for high quality and complete their look with that important special finishing touch.
Its philosophy is stated clearly in each and every jewel, and expresses the Greek point of view in jewelry. 
A point of view deeply inspired by the rich nature and history of the country.
A point of view present on all 30 different collections which make everything we have ever dreamt of about jewelry… a reality.
A new proposal that managed to gain praise all around the world and be loved by each and every woman!
Jewels modern, unique, glamorous, designed and manufactured exclusively in Greece, affordably priced, which earned the international admiration.
This is exactly what the name GREGIO states. 
The Greek spirit in jewelry.
Back in 1971 Kostas Kotsailidis opened a small jewellery workshop in the center of Athens, Greece. Through devoted work and excellent service, Kostas led the business into a path of fast growth from its early years. But it was his desire for unique craftsmanship and fine design that soon gained him the recognition and respect of his peers. In less than 10 years, Kostas Kotsailidis creations were sold in jewellery stores nationwide 
Spending their childhood in the workshop, watching Kostas Kotsailidis craft his creations, inspired his two sons, Nassos and Stratis, to get involved in the business from an early age. By 1999, Nassos and Stratis were ready to take up the family business and lift it to its ever growing success in the Greek and international markets
Nowdays Gregio has two exclusive boutique stores in Athens, around 70 concept corners and in total more than 250 point of sales in Greece and Cyprus. 
Through the exclusive network of agents and distributors around the globe Gregio is now available in more than 400 strores in 28 countries worldwide.   
A Greek creative team, dedicated to Jewellery! 
“I come from a family with a long, 40-year tradition in jewellery. I fell in love with the art and ended up walking in my father’s footsteps. When I and my brother Stratis assumed duties in the family business, we adopted a new identity and a new, greek approach in jewellery. Thus ‘GREGIO’ was born, or else... Greek Jewellery! 
The current creative workforce of GREGIO combines experienced executives with young, creative individuals, with an insatiable appetite for work and intense passion for creation. We always want to share our enthusiasm and love for jewellery, so we always present the market with something new, creating distinct proposals, inspired by Greeks... for the whole world!” 
The Philosophy behind the Art 
In GREGIO we always were, are and will be customer-oriented. We like to listen carefully to our associates’ needs and make every possible effort to fully satisfy them. That is why before we conclude into each new collection, we make sure it is fully representative of our work’s quality and the result is something we can really be proud of. 
In jewellery, we always want to offer something new, modern and timeless, but also give smiles to all of our partners. In the content of this philosophy, there are so many good ideas, we find it hard to choose the strongest ones. 
The great greek tradition, the unique nature and elegant idiosyncrasy of Greece, inspire us with images, thoughts, dreams and limitless creative imagination! 
Moreover, in GREGIO we believe that attention to detail makes the difference. That is why we thoroughly check production in every stage; so that the final product not only contains a part of ourselves, but exceeds even your highest of expectations!
A Greek journey of inspiration in Jewellery 
In Greece, inspiration is all around us and an integral part of ourselves. In the long tradition and in a history spanning through centuries. In the rich nature and in the Greek Mythology... 
For GREGIO, anything greek can mark the beginning of a new journey in jewellery creation! 
Forged metal on Aegean pebbles. Valuable gold on Attica figs. Selected stones on natural Dodecanese sponges and shiny zirconia on pumice stone from Nisyros. 
Each jewellery, a unique artistic expression. Each collection, a modern proposition, bearing GREGIO’s greek signature.

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